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Who’s Wearing our Suits? Meet Steve Sharpe

Aristocracy London brand ambassador Steve Sharpe, 30, talks style, strength, zoo animals and books.

1. What’s your favourite thing about your new Aristocracy London suit?
The best thing about the suit is the quality of the material – it’s one of those things you only really notice when you wear one suit then another. The quality of the material is markedly higher than my other suits, including many much more expensive ones in my collection. It’s excellent.

2. As a fashion model and entrepreneur, what are your three top tips every man should know to raise his style game?
First, have a vision and work hard towards it. A man of value is not just a PR stunt that would become see through very quickly. There’s no point in pretending, style and confidence starts from within.

Second, body language is circa 70% of communication. A lot of people know that statistic but never internalise it. Stand up tall with your shoulders back, attack life combatively. The clothes will look better.

Third, women notice the small things whereas men only notice the big things. So, men, I advise you to realise that dirt on your shoes, poor grooming or badly fitting clothing are noticed and you should pay attention to detail.

3.Do you always do business in a suit?
Yes, I live in a suit.

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Steve is wearing our Chelsea Navy Check 3 Piece Suit

4. What are the three traits of a modern gentleman?
Strength, competence and chivalry. Notice I didn’t say nice? Nice is overrated. Weak people use niceness to survive in the world. Focus on strength first, then worry about being nice.

5. What’s your ideal first date and what would you wear?
Going to the zoo. Animals are incredible and mesmerising so, if you can’t find a good conversation about that, it’s probably the wrong person.
And I’d still wear a suit (or something close to a suit…)

6. Your Instagram account is a collection of London’s most fashionable night spots. But what does a perfect Sunday look like for you?
A Sunday is still spent socialising for me. My emotional bank account gets topped up every time I socialise, and that has a positive effect on my upcoming week. We are social animals, we must spend as much time with valuable people as we can.

7. Where should we go for our next city break?
Prague is beautiful and affordable, and there’s a few good spas there. I’d go to Prague!

8. What was the last book you read?
Influence by Robert Cialdini. Fantastic book on persuasive techniques.

9. Very important question: Best James Bond?
Pierce Brosnan. More on the image than the acting skills. For me, his face is James Bond.

If you want to know more about Steve’s sartorial pursuits and lifestyle, follow him on Instagram @sharpepics