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The Wedding Suit Guide for Grooms, Guests and Wedding Party

Weddings are an opportunity to celebrate the love and bond between two wonderful people. But, once the question is popped, the date is set, the venue is booked and the invitations have gone out, one question is on everyone’s mind… “BUT WHAT WILL I WEAR?”

Fear not. Whether you’re the groom, a groomsman or a guest, we’re here to answer all your questions and help you find the perfect wedding suit.

8 top tips to pick the perfect wedding suit

What should I wear to a wedding?
Some couples decide on a specific dress code, e.g. black tie or beach chic. They then communicate this on the invitation and guests are expected to honour their wish. If there’s nothing on the invitation, a 3 piece suit is always an appropriate and safe choice. If the weather’s warm, you can remove the jacket and still look stylish in your waistcoat.

I’m the groom, when should I start looking for a wedding suit?
At least 2-3 months before the wedding. This allows enough time to find a wedding suit you like and make any alterations required.

What should I look for in a wedding suit?
We’ve got three words for you: fit, fabric, colour.

Our suits are designed for a tailored slim fit that compliments all body shapes. It’s more snug than the regular fit but not as tight as the skinny fit, which means you’ll feel comfortable throughout the day.

The fabric depends on the season but wool blends are an excellent choice because they’re appropriate for all weather conditions, they’re breathable and they drape well.

If you’re the groom, you should consider the wedding theme’s colour palette in your choice of suit. Otherwise, the venue and time of year will dictate the best colour. If you’re looking for something you can repurpose, navy, grey and black are very versatile choices.

I’m the groomsman, how do I pick a suit?
Apart from organising the stag do, you have one very important responsibility as a groomsman: to look good in photos. Always ask the groom before purchasing a suit because they may want the entire wedding party to wear the same suit or, at least, have some sort of colour coordination.

Are there any rules for fathers of the groom and bride?
Always ask the groom what he’ll be wearing and whether they have any preferences for your suit. If not, select something that’s appropriately formal for the occasion but slightly understated to avoid upstaging the groom.

Is there anything wedding guests shouldn’t wear?
This is the couple’s special day. If they make any dress code requests, gracefully comply. If they come from a cultural background that you’re unfamiliar with, check whether there are any colours that are forbidden in weddings. And, finally, leave the spotlight for them: don’t steal the show with an eye-catching outfit, don’t announce any big news of your own and don’t get too drunk.

Can I repurpose a wedding suit?
Absolutely. A wedding tuxedo can be used in other black tie events and formal occasions and a 3 piece lounge suit can be styled down for a day in the office or a night out.

How do I accessorise my wedding suit?
Your accessories shouldn’t distract from your wedding suit. Opt for a white dress shirt, wedding shoes and perhaps a pocket watch clipped to your waistcoat, which will be a nice surprise when you remove the jacket. Another great idea is to purchase an additional cummerbund and bow tie set so you can create different looks to alternate between the ceremony and reception.

These tips are all you need to set out and find the perfect wedding suit. Enjoy the big day and don’t forget to tag us so the world can appreciate how you styled your Aristocracy London suit!