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The Wedding Suit Guide for Grooms, Guests and Wedding Party

The 2020 wedding season will definitely be one to remember, mainly because no one knows how weddings will be allowed to proceed after lockdown. But love conquers all and people have been getting married for centuries, even during the darkest of times, so we’ve no reason to believe this year will be any different.

One thing we know is that, when the time comes, you’ll need a suit because frankly you can’t turn up in pyjamas or sweatpants. So, here’s what you need to bear in mind when picking a wedding suit!

8 top tips for picking a wedding suit

I’m the groom, when do I start looking?
At least 2-3 months before the wedding. This allows enough time to find something that you like and make any alterations required.

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Is there a dress code?
Couples decide whether there’s a theme or specific outfit expectations and communicate these to guests. Unless you see a dress code on the invitation, e.g. black tie or beach casual, assume that a 3 piece suit is the best option. If the weather’s warm, you can remove the jacket and still look stylish in your waistcoat.

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What do I look for in a wedding suit?
We’ve got three words for you: fit, fabric, colour.

The tailored fit, which is the cut of choice for Aristocracy London suits, works well for all body types. It’s narrower than the regular fit but not as tight as the skinny fit, which means you’ll feel comfortable throughout the day.

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The fabric depends on the season but, if you don’t own a lot of suits, go for wool blends which will see you through most weather conditions.

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Navy suits are a classic choice for weddings, but the colour does depend on the venue and season. E.g. rustic chic is becoming quite popular and brown could work very well in that setting.

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I’m the groomsman, what do I do?
Apart from organising fun things, like the stag do, and goofing around in pre-wedding photos, very little brain power is required in the choice of outfit: you wear whatever the groom asks you to. Aristocracy London is making life even easier for wedding parties with a special “buy 4 suits, get the 5th free” offer.

Are there any rules for fathers of the groom and bride?
If you’re one of the groomsmen, see above. If you’re not in the wedding party, ask the groom what he’ll be wearing and go for something equally formal but delicately understated to avoid upstaging him.

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Is there anything guests shouldn’t wear?
This is the couple’s special day. If they make any requests, provided they’re not totally unreasonable, gracefully comply. The important thing is to leave the spotlight for them: don’t steal the show with an eye-catching tuxedo, don’t announce any big news, don’t get too drunk.

Can I re-wear a wedding suit?
Absolutely. A timeless 3 piece suit can be styled down for a day in the office or a night out. Tuxedos are a bit trickier but, unless you pick something extravagant, your wedding tuxedo can see you through other black tie events.

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What about accessories?
Stylish people don’t necessarily own many items of clothing. They’re just really good at accessorising and creating different outfits with what they have! Cufflinks, a pocket square and tie that matches the bridal bouquet and polished leather shoes are all the accessories a groom needs. In fact, our tuxedos come with free bow ties and you’ll spot the free matching ruche ties with our special occasion suits so you can tick that off your list.

We hope these tips will set you on your way to find the perfect wedding outfit. Browse our wedding suits collection for some fashion inspiration and check out our blogs for more style and etiquette tips.