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Leave your mark with a limited edition personalised suit, featuring your embroidered ordinal number and monogram on the jacket’s inside pocket. Each 3 piece suit is made of fine fabrics and incorporates bespoke design details such as full canvas interlining, functional sleeve buttons, trousers’ waistband with a rubberised shirt grip, underarm shields to prevent sweat patches and, even, a boutonniere loop that can hold the stem of a flower, or your Remembrance poppy, in place. Every personalised full canvas suit in the GOLD collection comes with a designer garment bag and a stylish suit hanger, to protect it for years to come.

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Will you suggest suit monogram ideas?

Most customers prefer to embroider their initials or first name but we have come across many other brilliant ideas and our online concierge will be happy to assist. E.g. a customer asked us to embroider the name of his newborn baby girl, a groom picked his bride’s name and a father bought his son a graduation suit and embroidered it with the family name.

What are ordinal numbers?

All suits in our GOLD collection are limited edition, with only 100 pieces produced against each design. At the point of purchase, you can select the unique ordinal number of your suit between 1 and 100 and, provided it is available, we will embroider it free of charge along with a monogram of up to 8 characters in the jacket’s inside pocket.

What are surgeons’ cuffs?

Surgeons’ cuffs are functional sleeve buttons in suit jackets. In the olden days, it was considered slightly inappropriate to take off your jacket, even when performing surgery. So, sleeve buttons were functional, which means men could unbutton them and roll up the sleeves. Although there is no longer a practical requirement for surgeon’s cuffs, good quality suits will have them and many gentlemen will leave the last button undone to signal their style awareness.

What are underarm sweat patches?

Quality suits have a lining patch in the underarm area to absorb sweat. This protects from unattractive sweat patches but also ensures the suit’s longevity because quality suits should not be dry cleaned very often.

What is the purpose of a boutonniere loop?

Quality suits have one or two loops in the back of the left lapel. This ensures that the gentleman’s boutonniere, or Remembrance poppy, stays in place and it’s a trick commonly applied by Savile Row tailors.

What’s a full canvas suit?

A suit jacket is built from different pieces and requires structural support in order to keep its shape over time so tailors sew a canvas, usually made of horsehair, between the wool and lining. This creates full canvas suits, which have a sharper shape and naturally adapt to their owner’s figure over time. Additionally, because of this internal support, full canvas suits last longer giving you value for money and protecting our planet’s resources. For more details on suit tailoring, read our blog on the anatomy of suits.