Elevate your style game to the next level with a personalised evening suit from our GOLD collection and leave your mark wherever the night takes you. Whether it’s a quiet date or a rowdy night out, the play everyone’s been talking about or the restaurant you’ve been dying to try, no one can resist the charm of a quality three piece suit that is limited edition and embroidered with the ordinal number and monogram of your choice. Here’s why our GOLD collection is the perfect sartorial choice for your next evening escapade:

1) No time to change?

The great thing about our GOLD collection suits is that they are designed by people who are busy professionals themselves. They are lightweight and comfortable so you can wear them effortlessly from morning to evening.

2) Dancing the night away?

Not a problem! Underarm patches will absorb sweat and the jacket’s double vents will keep you looking stylish without restricting your movements.

3) Not sure where to put your wallet?

Our suit jackets are both elegant and functional, with carefully designed inside pockets so you can carry all your essentials, i.e. mobile, wallet, keys.

4) To tie or not to tie?

Below every suit listing on our website, there is a “Wear it with” section where you can find styling tips and ideas for different looks. Pick the one that matches your personality, as well as the occasion…and weather.

5) Don’t want to be a face in the crowd?

Our suits are limited edition. The ordinal number and monogram of your choice will be embroidered in the inside pocket of your jacket at no extra cost.

6) Feeling flustered?

If your date gets a bit too hot, you can remove the jacket as our waistcoats will stand their ground with or without it.

the GOLD collection for party 300x200

And if you’re celebrating a special occasion, such as a birthday, why not buy one of our GOLD collection personalised suits as a gift? It will come in a stylish box with a free garment bag and a designer hanger!

Or make your stag do really memorable and purchase matching suits with consecutive ordinal numbers and a date, or names, embroidered in the inside pockets.