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The 9 Wardrobe Essentials Every Gentleman Must Own

A man’s wardrobe is a reflection of his taste, personality and lifestyle. Therefore, it’s impossible to produce a definitive list of “must have” items because this would imply we all dress the same way. Instead we’ll focus on a few key wardrobe essentials for the modern gentleman who likes suits. These are all pieces that are versatile and can be used to style your outfits up or down.

Statement fashion pieces that every man needs

1.White shirt
Fast fashion has convinced people that it’s ok to buy a million cheap shirts that last until their first wash. The problem is that cheap…looks cheap and is bad for your pocket and the environment. Invest in quality white dress shirts that can be worn with a suit, under a sweater or even with a pair of chinos for a more informal look.

2. A grey or navy suit
Suits are the pinnacle of men’s tailoring and every gentleman should own a few different ones for various occasions and moods. If you’ve only just started building your suit collection, begin with a business suit in navy or grey.

3. Black Oxford shoes
Black lace-up dress shoes aren’t a seasonal purchase or something you’re expected to replace often so invest in the best pair you can afford. Patent leather shoes aren’t for everyday use but you should add them to your collection at some point as they’re the standard shoes for men’s formalwear.

4. Tie, bow tie, pocket square
A fashion expert will own a variety of accessories but the bare minimum is a few quality ties and pocket squares as well as a black bow tie. As your wardrobe expands so should your collection of accessories. Aristocracy London offers a selection of ties and cummerbund and bow tie sets, which all include pocket squares.

5. Cufflinks
Most dress shirts are double cuff, so the sleeves close with cufflinks instead of buttons. Invest in a few different cufflinks that reflect your personal sense of style. To begin with, and tick at least one item off your list, Aristocracy London dress shirts come with free cufflinks.

6. Scent of a man
Our sense of smell is associated with memory so pick a “signature” scent and avoid changing your perfume regularly. If you want to treat yourself, splash out on a bespoke service to create a personalised perfume.

7. Watch
Men don’t have a lot of jewellery options but, even the ones who avoid any sort of bling like the plague, will succumb to the charm of an elegant watch because, after all, it’s not just beautiful but also functional. If you only own one watch, invest in a classic piece with a black leather strap.

8. Pen
It may sound like an extravagance but say you want to sign an important contract or add a personal note to a business card before handing it out. Wouldn’t you rather pull out an engraved statement pen from the inside pocket of your jacket rather than search for a cheap plastic abomination?

9. Sunglasses
Eye health is very important and you want the best UV protection you can afford. Moreover, sunglasses are a brilliant accessory that everyone will notice, after all it’s on your face, and thanks to the range of options you can pick something that reflects your personality and sense of style.

As a gentleman’s social and business commitments increase, so must his wardrobe expand to reflect the changing needs of his lifestyle. The items we listed above are a good starting point. Always bear in mind that it’s best to progress gradually and invest in fewer quality pieces rather than purchase cheap clothes and accessories that will barely last a season. Besides, here at Aristocracy London we believe in slow fashion and a considerate wardrobe can do wonders for the environment.