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Protect your suits with Aristocracy London’s lightweight and breathable suit bags, crafted with leather handles and an external layer of waterproof Oxford fabric. Our suit carriers include smart features, such as a conveniently designed external pocket to fit your shirt and shoes plus a handy business card pocket. Travel with confidence and sophistication – get your premium suit bags today.

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  • Navy Mens Suit Bag 11 555x555 Navy Men’s Suit Bag
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    Navy Boys Suit Bag 11 555x555 Navy Boys’ Suit Bag
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Why do I need a suit carrier?

Your suits are probably the most expensive items in your wardrobe and you want to ensure they’ll remain in excellent condition for years. Our suit bags are perfect for storage and travel and they allow your suit to breathe while protecting it from the elements.

What features should a good suit bag have?

Look for suit bags made with Oxford fabric as it’s a premium waterproof material. The interior layer should be breathable and protect your suit from friction. Good suit bags have leather handles and include pockets so you can carry the basic accessories for your outfit, e.g. shirts and shoes, without needing additional bags.

Can I carry my shoes and shirt in the suit bag?

Our quality suit bags come with an external pocket that’s large enough to fit your shirt and shoes. If your suit bag doesn’t have a separate compartment for accessories, we advise against storing them in the main compartment as the friction might damage your suit.

How many suits can I fit in a suit bag?

Ideally, each suit should be stored and transported in its own suit bag because suits can be quite delicate and repeated friction may damage them. Also, allowing the fabric to breathe will keep it fresh for longer.