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White and cream suits are perfect for spring and summer occasions, including weddings, and our collection’s showstoppers are both stylish and comfortable. Ranging from textured white tuxedos and embroidered Nehru suits to cream 3 piece outfits, browse our selection and shine as bright as the sun.

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What colour shoes should I wear with a white suit?

White suits are a fairly neutral canvas and often come with details in a different colour, so your shoes should match these supplementary details or the shirt and accessories. E.g. some say that black shoes should never be worn with a white suit but this rule doesn’t apply if the white suit has black lapels or other black details.

What colour tie should I wear with a white suit?

As a general rule, go for darker colours or bow ties. If your white suit comes with details in another colour, e.g. navy or burgundy, this should make the choice easier. Alternatively, with all white and cream outfits, try to match the colour of the buttons or the shoes.

What colour shirt goes with a white suit?

A proper white suit goes well with any shirt colour. Go for white or pastels during daytime but experiment with darker shirts in the evening.

Can I wear white suit to a wedding?

This is only acceptable if you’re the groom, and your partner knows you’re wearing white, or when the couple has specifically asked guests to wear white. Otherwise, it’s best avoided because a well accessorised white suit is eye catching and will inevitably draw attention away from the happy couple.