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Browse our collection of luxury navy and blue suits and you will find a range of shades and styles that cover every occasion and sartorial taste. From our personalised Chelsea 3 piece navy suit to our Mayfair blue tuxedo, all our blue suits for men are made of quality fabrics and feature elegant details that will help you create a statement look for the office, a dinner date or a wedding. Every suit in our collection is limited edition and comes with a free designer garment bag and a stylish suit hanger.

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What colour shoes should I wear with a navy suit?

Navy suits are popular because they are versatile and easy to accessorise. Black shoes are a safe choice but brown and burgundy ones are always a great idea, especially with darker navy suits. If you’re feeling adventurous, you could try navy shoes but they must be darker than the suit.

What colour tie should I wear with a navy suit?

Most tie colours work well with navy suits, although we have a slight preference for red and dark green ones. However, finding the right tie is never just about the suit. You have to view your outfit in its entirety and take into account the colour of the shirt and other accessories.

What colour shirt goes with a blue suit?

You can’t go wrong with a white shirt, which also makes a great, neutral background for your tie. Alternatively, light blue and pink shirts also work well with blue suits.

Can you wear a blue suit to a wedding?

Absolutely. In fact, blue suits are a great choice for the groom, wedding party or even guests, and with the right styling they can be as formal as the venue requires. What’s even better is that blue suits are appropriate for any occasion really so investing in one is totally worth it!