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Choose from our collection of stylish charcoal and grey suits, which are timelessly elegant and perfect for the office, a night out or a wedding. With a range of options to choose from, all our grey suits for men boast quality materials and superior craftsmanship, along with thoughtful design details incorporated with fit and comfort in mind. Every suit in our collection is limited edition and comes with a free designer garment bag and a stylish suit hanger.

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    Ascot Grey 3 Piece Suit 1 555x555 Ascot Grey 3 Piece Suit
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    Wilmslow Grey 3 Piece Suit 41 555x555 Wilmslow Grey 3 Piece Suit
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What colour shoes should I wear with a grey suit?

Although grey suits are fairly flexible and suitable for pretty much any occasion, colour matching is not as easy as e.g. with navy suits. Black is a very safe option and most shades of grey suits work well with burgundy as well. Brown shoes tend to work well with lighter shades of grey only.

What colour tie should I wear with a grey suit?

When you pick a tie you should consider your entire outfit, rather than just the suit colour. As a general rule, a white shirt will act as a neutral background and you can experiment with a number of colours and patterns. If you opt for a light blue or pink shirt, a safe option it to pick a tie that is darker shade of the same colour.

What colour shirt goes with a grey suit?

Grey suits work well with white, light blue, pink and other pastel colours. Although some might argue that dark shirts work really well with grey suits, it’s very difficult to get the colour combination right and there is an actual risk that your entire outfit will look tacky.

Can you wear a grey suit to a wedding?

Grey and charcoal suits are very versatile and you can wear them on any occasion, provided you get the styling right. One thing you may want to consider is the shade of the suit, light grey tones are considered less formal and better suited to the morning whereas darker shades of grey and charcoal suits would be more appropriate in formal settings and evening events.