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Whether you’re looking to match the wedding’s red theme or stand out in a birthday party, our red & burgundy tuxedos are the perfect choice. Thanks to their intricate patterns and the superior quality of our exclusive fabrics, you will create a memorable look without compromising on fit and comfort. As always, your limited edition suit will come with its own luxury suit bag and a stylish hanger to keep it fresh for longer.

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Are burgundy & red tuxedos suitable for weddings?

These stand-out colours are always popular with grooms, particularly when the wedding has a red or burgundy theme.

What shoes should I wear with a red tuxedo?

Tuxedo shoes are the perfect match for formalwear. A pair of Oxfords or loafers, in patent or highly polished leather, are a safe choice.

What shirt should I wear with my red dinner suit?

Wing collar shirts are the appropriate choice for tuxedos as their collar is designed for bow ties.

What accessories can I wear with a red tuxedo?

Formalwear is impressive by itself so you don’t need too many accessories. A patent leather belt in the same colour as the trousers or a pocket watch should be enough.