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Our collection of burgundy and red suits is perfect for the gentleman who commands attention with his style, in the office, a restaurant or the countryside. Our burgundy 3 piece suits for men are made of quality fabrics, which ensure perfect fit and comfort, while the luxury design details will help you put together a signature outfit for any occasion. Every suit in our collection is limited edition and comes with a free designer garment bag and a stylish suit hanger.

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What colour shoes should I wear with a burgundy suit?

The safest option is tan or dark brown, depending on the shade of the suit. Celebrities have been seen pairing a burgundy suit with various shades of blue and it, sometimes, works miraculously well but do bear in mind that these people have professional stylists. The rest of us need to decide whether we want the beholder’s eye to fall on the suit or the shoes.

What tie should I wear with a burgundy suit?

The colour of your tie should match your entire outfit and not just your suit. If you are wearing a white shirt, which is a safe option, you can pick a floral print tie, a dark silver or a navy tie. The one mistake to avoid is trying to match your red suit with a red tie. The school uniform colour combination doesn’t work one you’ve reached the legal drinking age.

What colour shirt goes with a red suit?

If you want to play it safe, pick a white shirt. However, and we want to state this emphatically, red works well with many shirt colours, including most pastels. It all depends on the occasion you are dressing for and your accessories. As with all suits, don’t mix too many patterns and colours unless you are confident in your colour coordination skills.