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Our collection of luxury brown suits, with stylish associations to the English countryside, is perfect for a day in the office, a weekend away or a rustic wedding. Our brown suits for men have been thoughtfully designed and stand out with their fit, comfort and elegance and, most importantly, their shade and pattern has been selected to make them easier to style for any occasion. Every suit in our collection is limited edition and comes with a free designer garment bag and a stylish suit hanger.

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What colour shoes should I wear with a brown suit?

Many gentlemen fear brown suits because they think colour matching is difficult when, in fact, the rule is very simple: wear brown suits with brown shoes but make sure that the shade of the shoe is darker than that of the suit. For dark brown suits, you may even want to experiment with burgundy shoes but a lot will depend on your other accessories and overall styling.

What colour shirt goes with a brown suit?

White, blue and pink generally work well with brown suits but you may want to stay on the lighter side of coloured shirts. For more formal occasions or if you are not really sure you want to spend too much time considering different shades, a white or a light pink shirt is a safe bet.

Can you wear a brown suit to a wedding?

Of course you can and, in fact, a brown suit is an excellent sartorial approach, especially for countryside weddings where you don’t want to be out of sync with the setting. Take a more formal approach to accessories and you will turn heads with your understanding of fashion.