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Planning a Destination Wedding? Here’s How to Pick the Ideal Suit!

Destination weddings are becoming increasingly popular. They’re a great opportunity to organise a few days away with friends and family, perhaps celebrate your cultural heritage or even mark the beginning of your married life in a place that means a lot to you.

When you organise a destination wedding, it’s important to take a few things into account before picking a suit. Apart from the weather, the destination’s personality will play a role in determining the style and colour of your suit. To help you make the perfect wedding suit choice, we’ve matched a few popular destination wedding themes to the groom outfit that’s ideal for each.

A wedding suit for every concept

Rustique c’est chic
A converted farm house, the scent of flowers or lemon groves in the evening breeze, fairy lights…you get the picture. Countryside weddings are specifically chosen for their simplicity and quiet elegance. A well tailored lounge suit with a dress shirt along with a tie and pocket square, are all you need to create the perfect wedding outfit.

Elegant luxury
A historic villa with magnificently instagrammable views, a 5* hotel that pampers you from check in to check out, an exquisite menu of culinary delights that your guests won’t forget. This is the time to step up and show up in a classic. A tuxedo, either in black or in a colour that aligns to the wedding theme’s palette, is a wonderful choice. It will wow your partner and your guests and, besides, it’s a must for every gentleman’s wardrobe that you can repurpose in future formal events. All our tuxedos come with a free bow tie but you can also purchase a separate cummerbund and bow tie set to create a second look.

Statement location
A castle, an historic church or a splendid garden, some wedding locations are so fabulous that you need something equally breathtaking. Our Nehru suits, in a range of colours and styles, are just what you need. The matching cravat and cravat pin is included with every suit and the result is a fairytale outfit that will turn heads and stand out in photos.

If you’re still not sure which type of suit you want to go for, book a showroom appointment and our stylists will be more than happy to assist. And, of course, don’t forget to tag us so the world can appreciate how you styled your Aristocracy London suit!