At Aristocracy London, we are passionate about our limited edition suits. We incorporate unique and functional details in their design, then select quality fabrics that stand out and we remain involved in every step of the manufacturing process.

Every suit comes with three carefully curated complimentaries. These aren’t just our way of thanking you for your custom; each one of our gifts will help you maintain the look and feel of your suit for longer.

Stylish Suit Packaging

  • With a luxury finish in matte lamination and our Aristocracy London logo in gold foil, our box will make the perfect gift wrapping.
  • Weighing under 3kg, including suit and complimentaries, it is easy to carry or take it on public transport.
  • Its durable gray board material will protect your suit during shipping and, in line with our sustainability values, it can be subsequently reused for your storage needs.
  • Dimensions are 45cm x 35cm x 16cm. Just the right size to fit your suit, which will have been carefully folded just once to avoid wrinkling.
  • Our box is folding, which means that, even if you don’t want to reuse it straight away, you can flatten it neatly and put it away for later.
  • Fully recyclable
  • The custom made tissue paper, which adds a sense of occasion when unpacking your suit, is made of acid-free, FSC certified paper and soy-based ink. Moreover, our tissue paper supplier plants a tree whenever we place an order. Our very own Aristocracy London trees are in Brazil.
  • As with all Aristocracy London items, we have added a couple of quirky details that are both stylish and fun! Your box will be wearing an elegant blazer made of paper and sealed with a wax stamp, to ensure that no one tampers with your suit during shipping. Moreover, on the back of both the paper blazer and the box itself, we have printed some useful trivia on the history of suits, which may come in handy at your next dinner party!
free suit bag 71
free suit bag 72
free suit bag 73

Free Designer Garment Bag

  • We include a free garment bag with every order, in our brand’s stylish navy colour.
  • Exterior is made of polyester oxford fabric, which is waterproof to protect your suit from the elements. Moreover, its quality and sturdiness will ensure it lasts for years.
  • Interior is black and made of thinner polyester. This material is breathable and suitable to come into direct contact with your suit’s fabric without causing friction damage.
  • Internal and external zippers, in black, add a layer of protection against dust and water.
  • Measuring 60cm x 120cm and lightweight, it is ideal to fit your suit for wardrobe storage or use as a travel carry-on with minimum wrinkling.
  • Genuine leather handles in black for a touch of luxury and added comfort when carrying.
  • Convenient eyelet to run the hanger’s hook through, perfect for storing your suit inside the garment bag and hanging it in the wardrobe.
  • Amazingly convenient external pocket, where you can carry your shirt or shoes for e.g. a short business trip or night away.
  • Business card window pocket. Useful for that random business acquaintance you make on the train and even more useful if you leave your garment bag behind when you get off!
free suit hanger 71
free suit hanger 72
free suit hanger 73

Free Luxury Suit Hanger

  • Wide-shouldered hanger, an absolute essential to help your suit breathe and spring back into shape after a long day.
  • Made of velvet material, to avoid damage to the suit due to rubbing, and in a timeless dark navy colour.
  • Aristocracy London logo in gold bronzing, a technique that won’t leave any residue on the suit fabric.
  • Velvet lockable bar for your trousers, to keep them in place and wrinkle-free.
  • Dimensions are 44cm x 4cm, classic fit for all wardrobes and garment bags.
  • For an additional style statement, the hanger comes with a round hook in elegant gold, which matches our brand logo, and a wide grip, which makes it easier to carry the garment bag.