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Upgrade your wardrobe with one of our luxury men’s suits that come in a variety of colours and styles, combining comfort, fit and timeless elegance. Whether it’s for business, fun, a wedding or a black tie event, our collection of 3 piece suits will inspire you to create a sharp look that will reflect your status. From our GOLD collection of personalised three piece suits to our stylish tuxedos and lounge suits, each design is limited edition and comes with a free designer garment bag and a suit hanger.

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Who invented the suit?

Many men contributed to the outfit which we now know as suit but, if we were to name one, we would have to pick Beau Brummell, a 19th century dandy who believed in the importance of fitting, made full-length trousers fashionable and popularised tailored shirts. For more details, read our blog on the history of men’s suits.

How many suits should a man own?

This depends on your lifestyle. If you’d only wear a suit on a special occasion, invest in a quality lounge suit in a subtle pattern and classic colour. But, if your work or social commitments require you to live in a suit, you should experiment with different colours, patterns, textures and even accessories for different circumstances. Eventually, you should build up a wardrobe that allows you to rotate your suits, not just because it’s stylish but also because it keeps the suits fresh!

What are the different types of suits?

Men’s suits can be categorised by fabric, colour, pattern or occasion. The first three are fairly self-explanatory so we will expand on the fourth. Most suits you see out there are business or lounge suits, which means they are suitable for work or a night out. Then there are tuxedos or evening suits, which are formal and correspond to the black tie dress code. For more details, read our blog on dress codes.

Why do suit jackets have vents?

This is actually a historic suit feature as, before cars, these convenient slits made horse riding easier. The reason vents survived to this day is because they allow more freedom of movement in a suit and they keep the jacket’s back straight when sitting down.