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How to Pack your Suit in 6 Easy Steps

There was a time when travel was an occasion in itself. Passengers would board in their finest attire and there were less limitations on luggage. However, things have changed and the modern gentleman must adapt. If your baggage allowance permits it, carry your suit in a quality garment bag, such as the complimentary one we include with every order. If, however, you must fit everything in a carry-on, follow our step-by-step guide to make sure your suit makes it to your destination as wrinkle-free as possible.

The foolproof guide to packing your 3 piece suit in the suitcase

Step 1
Lay you jacket flat on e.g. a table or the bed.

Step 2
Without buttoning, place one side of the front on top of the other, smoothing any wrinkles along the way.

Step 3
Cross the sleeves so that the left sleeve reaches out to the right shoulder and the right sleeve to the left shoulder.

Step 4
Now take the trousers and, maintaining the crease, fold in three. Then place them over the top half of the jacket.

Step 5
Without buttoning the waistcoat, place one side of the front on top of the other, same as with the jacket. Then fold it in two and lay on top of the trousers.

Step 6
Cover the waistcoat and trousers with the bottom half of the jacket. You have effectively created a tidy, compact parcel that can easily fit in your carry-on suitcase.

Bonus tip
Place the folded suit in a resealable plastic bag and seal without removing all the air. The bag itself will shield the suit from stains and rubbing while the trapped air will add a layer of protection minimising the risk of wrinkles.

Bon voyage! Before you take off, share this useful step-by-step guide on social media to help others with travel packing and browse our collection of men’s suits. Order now and find your new favourite suit waiting for you when you return!