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How to Dress for a Job Interview

First impressions matter. Hiring panels do their best to avoid unconscious bias but they are only human. Inevitably, as soon as they take one look at you, they will start making assumptions about your personality, experience and, more importantly, the effort you are willing to put into the job. Because, after all, if you didn’t even bother to dress up for the interview why would you give your all once they hire you?

So, here are a few style tips to earn you your first points the moment you walk through the door:

1. Suit up
Unless you’re applying for a role where jeans and t-shirts are the only acceptable uniform, you should wear a suit that fits well, i.e. not borrowed from your mate who is way bulkier than you. If you’re not sure what to look for when trying on a suit, check out our blog on how a suit should fit.

2. Go classic
Although some individuality will certainly be appreciated, an explosion of multiple colours may distract the panel from your amazing skillset. Keep it subtle, e.g. with a navy suit which looks great on most men.

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Our all-time classic Navy Check 3 Piece Suit

3. Iron your shirt
You can’t really claim that “attention to detail” is one of your strongest talents and then show up all disheveled. Even if ironing is not your thing, you can try an external service or stock up on non-iron shirts.

4. To tie or not to tie?
A tie is probably expected, especially if you are applying for a more senior role, and you should pick one that is darker than your shirt. If you find ties stifling, try upgrading your look with a pocket square in a puff fold. To get this just right, watch our video on how to fold a pocket square.

grey suit business look
Our popular Grey Check 3 Piece Suit, styled for work

5. Make a statement
Although you shouldn’t try to deflect attention from the matter at hand, which is how great you are for the role, no one expects you to blend into the background. Stand out with a strategically selected detail, e.g. take notes with an engraved pen, wear cufflinks or try one of our GOLD collection suits with an embroidered ordinal number and your name in the inside pocket.

brown suit monogram business look

6. Checkmate
Many people think that classic suits always come in solid colours but this is not true. A discreet check pattern gives your look an air of playfulness and who wouldn’t want to work with someone who embraces creativity?

brown suit business look
Our Brown Check 3 Piece Suit with a discreet blue glen plaid pattern

Now that we’ve got your outfit sorted, how about you brush up on your approach with our handy blog on the all-important interview etiquette?