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How to Dress for a Job Interview

Hiring panels may be doing their best to avoid unconscious bias but they’re only human and science tells us that first impressions matter. As soon as they take one look at you, they start making assumptions about your personality, experience and, more importantly, the effort you’re willing to put into the job. Because, after all, if you didn’t even bother to dress properly for the interview, why would you bother at all after they hire you?

So here are a few styling tips to help you dress for your job interview and win the panel’s hearts and minds before you even speak:

1. Suit up
Unless you apply for a company where everyone’s wearing jeans and t-shirts, you should show up for your interview in a well-tailored suit. If you don’t own a suit and decide to hire or borrow one, make sure it fits. Our helpful guide How Should A Suit Fit lists all the points you should check.

2. Go classic
Although some individuality is certainly appreciated, an explosion of colours, patterns and accessories may distract the panel from your amazing skill set. Pick a navy or grey suit, with a subtle pattern if any, and keep accessories to a minimum.

3. Iron your shirt
You can’t really claim that “attention to detail” is one of your strongest talents and then show up looking like you’ve been in a fight. Wear a clean dress shirt with a kent collar and make sure it’s ironed.

4. To tie or not to tie?
A tie and pocket square are probably expected if you’re interviewing for a more senior role. They’re a great way to upgrade your look and we even have a helpful guide on How To Fold Your Pocket Square.

5. Make a statement
Although you don’t want to deflect attention away from your CV and well prepared responses to the panel’s questions, a couple of discreet accessories won’t hurt. Your watch, an engraved pen or the cufflinks that come free with our shirts are great finishing touches to your look without being overwhelming.

Now that we’ve got your outfit sorted, how about you brush up on your approach with our handy blog on the all-important interview etiquette?