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How to Dress for a First Date

If you’ve read our blog on the etiquette of first dates, you already know we strongly advocate being yourself. Creating a whole new persona to woo your crush will probably end badly because you can’t keep up an act forever and, even if you could, you would likely end up with someone who is incompatible with your true self. The same rule applies to your choice of clothes for the occasion: make an effort but don’t go all theatrical.

We appreciate that you may be under some stress before a first date, especially if you really like the person you’re going out with, so here are some helpful tips to make things easier:

Tips for choosing what to wear on a first date

1. To suit or not to suit?
It all depends on the circumstances. If you’re going mountain hiking, a suit is probably inappropriate. However, in most other situations, you should wear a 3 piece suit that fits well, if only to avoid showing up underdressed compared to your date. If you’re not sure what to look for when trying on a suit, check out our blog on how a suit should fit.

how to dress for a first date navy suit
Chelsea Navy Check 3 Piece Suit, styled for a night out.

2. All eyes on you
Understated elegance is the key look we are going for. You may be very flamboyant but a first date is all about getting to know the other person, not making a fashion statement. Keep it classic and classy with a quality suit in a subtle pattern and colours that don’t scream for attention.

how to dress for a first date grey suit
Kensington Grey Check 3 Piece Suit, styled with a turtleneck.

3. Pairing up
Before finding your perfect pair, you may first want to think about what to pair your suit with. A shirt is a classic choice but, if you want to keep things a bit more casual during the winter, go for a turtleneck. In the summer, stick to a quality shirt and wear either without the jacket or the waistcoat.

4. Do I accessorise?
Loads of bling is never a good thing. A watch, a leather belt that matches your shoes and a pocket square are more than enough, unless you’ve booked a venue where tie is required. For some inspiration on different pocket square folds, watch our video on how to fold a pocket square.

how to dress for a first date brown suit
Embroidered monogram and ordinal number on our Richmond Brown Check 3 Piece Suit.

5. Remember my name
Dating apps have turned too many people into serial daters. Stand out from the crowd with a monogrammed suit. Our GOLD collection suits offer a free personalisation service, which includes the monogram and ordinal number of your choice.

And most importantly, calm down. If you are reading this blog, it means a date is already in the diary so that’s clearly a good sign! For more style and etiquette inspiration, sign up to our weekly newsletter. Got any burning suit questions? Contact us.