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Where did the word gentleman come from?

The term “gentleman” first appeared in the 12th century, probably as an interpretation of the French “gentilhomme”. It was initially used to describe men of noble descent but its meaning gradually expanded to encapsulate not only one’s family circumstances but, also, his conduct. In Victorian times, it was of great importance to be considered a gentleman and the new, powerful elite that emerged from the Industrial Revolution laid claim to the title based on manners, education and affluence rather than birth rights and hereditary privileges. In our dedicated gentleman’s blog you will find everything you need to know about style with suggestions and helpful tips on manners and the art of living.

What does it mean to be a gentleman in the 21st century?

Although social norms are ever-changing, we all know a gentleman when we see one. He is a man who behaves with chivalry and courage, honesty and kindness. A man who has a moral compass and prefers to do what is best as opposed to what is easy. At Aristocracy London, we design and manufacture suits of superior quality and timeless elegance. But we also know the many challenges a modern gentleman faces, which go well beyond sartorial pursuits. Our gentleman’s blog will help you navigate through these, from workplace etiquette to social occasions, with impeccable style.