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Do I Need to Match my Wedding Suit to the Venue?

From English gardens to Italian clifftops, every wedding venue has its own personality and couples often search for months before finding the right backdrop for their special day. The venue dictates the overall theme of the wedding and many other elements, such as the menu and music, are chosen to harmoniously blend in.

The style of wedding suit you pick is no different and it should work well within the setting. One of our favourite event planners, Rosa Aqua Weddings, designs memorable weddings, engagements and other occasions both in Italy and the UK. Having worked together on a number of destination weddings in Italy, we came up with a few ideas to inspire you!

The Puglia edition
Puglia in Southern Italy is the definition of countryside chic. Rural settings, in whichever country, are elegantly simple and your choice of suit should reflect this “less is more” approach.


Our pick would be the Kensington Grey Check 3 Piece Suit from our GOLD collection. This limited edition suit comes with a number of design details that are usually only found in bespoke tailoring, such as surgeon’s cuffs, boutonniere loops, underarm patches and, most importantly, your monogram and the suit’s ordinal number embroidered free of charge in the inside pocket.

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The Lake Como edition
Old school glamour, stunning instagrammable locations and shopping in Milan. We are sold. When you pick a venue that oozes luxury, we are assuming that you want to feel like royalty, or at least a celebrity, for the day.

Lake Como2

This is no time to be subtle and what we’re looking for is an extraordinary suit that will turn heads. Aristocracy London has a stunning selection of wedding suits, with some designs exclusively available in our Knightsbridge showroom. Take, for example, this awesome duo from our latest collection which features a number of mandarin collar suits.

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The Amalfi edition
Clifftop views over the sea are the pinnacle of summer wedding goals. Obviously it’s easier to plan for an outdoor event in the Mediterranean but, weather aside, the backdrop will be quite dramatic.


To balance this out, we would suggest a solid colour option with clear-cut lines. Take for example our Barbican 3 Piece Navy Tuxedo. A very discreet variation on the black tie outfit, which comes with a free bow tie, this dinner suit is a classic which will not only look awesome in wedding photos but it can also serve you in future formal events.

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Rosa Aqua Weddings has a stunning selection of venues to choose from and, once the date is saved, we are always here to help you choose the perfect wedding suit. Just visit our website or book a free consultation in our Knightsbridge showroom.