Our team has substantial experience in custom tailoring, so we combined traditional techniques with high-tech solutions to create ready-to-wear suits that rival the quality and features of tailor-made ones at a more reasonable price range. At every stage of the production process, from design to manufacturing, we incorporate garment details that are usually only found in bespoke services such as:

Full Canvas Interlining

full canvas interlining 3

This gives your jacket structure and helps it adjust to your body shape over time.

Surgeon's Cuffs

surgeon cuffs 3

Functional sleeve buttons that can be unbuttoned, a sign of fine tailoring.

Boutonniere Loops

boutonniere loops 3

Found behind the left lapel, they keep your flower or Remembrance poppy in place.

Underarm Sweat Pads

underarm sweat pads 3

Lining shields designed to protect your jacket from unsightly sweat patches.

Rubberised Shirt Grip

rubberised shirt grip 3

Waistband featuring a rubberised grip insert to keep your shirt from slipping out.

Monogram Embroidery

monogram embroidery 3

Personalise with the ordinal number and monogram of your choice, free of charge.

Why our quality ready-made suits are the best alternative to both bespoke and made-to-measure

1) Affordable price
Our price point is reasonable so you can purchase more suits to build up a wardrobe that is suitable for your lifestyle. We also have a dedicated loyalty programme which rewards your repeated custom with discounts and offers.

2) Available immediately
Our suits are ready made so you don’t have to pay multiple visits to the tailor’s or wait for weeks to wear your new purchase. Order by 6pm on a working day for next day dispatch.

3) Limited Edition & Personalised
We only ever produce 100 pieces of each design and, once they’re gone, we will not make more to meet demand. Our GOLD collection suits come with an ordinal number and a monogram of your choice that will be embroidered in the inside pocket of your jacket, personalising your outfit.

4) Perfect fit
Our suits come in a tailored slim fit, with sizes ranging from 36 to 46. Thanks to our suit size calculator, you can find the suit that is just right for you without repeated appointments for measurements.

5) Returns
We accept returns within 30 days at no cost to you and our refund policy is straightforward and easy.