Our Story

Aristocracy London is a menswear fashion house that was founded by Lazaros, a London-based entrepreneur who turned his passion for stylish suits into a creative business venture.

Lazaros was born and raised in Kampanis, a farming village in Northern Greece. As a child he observed that people would come home after a long day and put on their finest clothes to meet friends and family in the village square. This wasn’t about showing off, it was a deeply rooted sense of pride and respect towards themselves and their community. People dressed up to celebrate togetherness.

Through these experiences, Lazaros developed a sense of style and an interest in fashion. He did well at school and he eventually left Kampanis to study and pursue his dreams. He came to London with little savings but big ambitions and worked his way up, eventually landing senior leadership roles in large companies. One thing that struck him was that, when it came to sartorial choices, most men played it safe and ended up being “just another suit”.

Looking good should be a pleasure, and not an obligation, but the suits people around him wore lacked personality. So, Lazaros put his business instinct and creative mind to work and brought together a team of top designers, tailors and manufacturers who shared his vision and worked towards the same dream: a luxury menswear fashion house. Aristocracy London collections combine three key features: excellent craftsmanship, flattering fit and elegant individuality. They can be styled for any occasion and, wherever you go, they will turn heads, reflect your status and boost your confidence.

However, what really makes our designs stand out is the people who wear them. You are dreamers, doers, thinkers and leaders and, undoubtedly, you are going far. We make the suits that will accompany you on your journey.

Our Mission

Aristocracy London creates limited edition suits for the modern gentleman; a man who likes to look sharp, unique and suitably attired at all times. The shopping experience is built around our customers so every step of the process, from finding the right suit to completing the look with the ideal accessories, is seamless.

Our Values

A gentleman is a man of principles and a company that caters to gentlemen can be no different. We set ourselves high standards in our approach to our products, the people we interact with and the environment we live in.

Our products

  • We design with our customers’ needs in mind and listen closely to their feedback
  • We collaborate with manufacturers whose skills and passion are valued in the global fashion industry
  • We are confident that our products are of the highest quality and fairly priced

The people we interact with

  • We offer a personalised shopping experience and we want every customer to feel like a celebrity
  • We value our staff and we invest in their skills and talent
  • We will never knowingly work with suppliers that do not share our high standards

The environment

  • We acknowledge that the fashion industry is a significant contributor to pollution and we consider sustainability in every business decision
  • We are thoughtful in the use of resources, e.g. our packaging is reusable and recyclable and our tissue paper supplier plants a tree for every order we place
  • Despite the global character of fashion, we actively try to reduce our carbon footprint and will minimise air travel where possible

Aristocracy London’s philosophy can be summed up in the words of Oscar Wilde “You can never be overdressed or overeducated”.

Our Service

Aristocracy London products are only available on our website and in our showrooms. To make your customer experience as easy as possible, we offer:

  • In depth product descriptions with detailed imagery and style tips
  • A size calculator that makes finding the right size a stress-free experience
  • Free suit appointments in the privacy of our showrooms
  • A rewards scheme that puts loyalty at the heart of what we do
  • A customer experience team that’s available to answer any queries
  • Free standard UK delivery on orders over £80 and 30-day returns
  • 100% secure payments with multiple card options

“Aristocracy literally translates as the power of the excellent. A modern gentleman is not defined by the circumstances or privileges that he was born into but by the manners he develops and the choices he makes in life. Similarly, style is not a skill one inherits but an attitude one acquires”


Laz 1980s 235x300


1980s: Lazaros making his sartorial debut with a cosy knitted blazer, paired with a tie that matches the blazer’s details.

Laz 1990s 179x300


Early 1990s: Baggy suits were all the rage and a gentleman must try on different styles before developing a signature look.

Laz 2000s 204x300


Early 2000s: Receiving a school award in a black mandarin collar suit with metal buttons. Dressing for the occasion is a sign of respect for oneself and others.

Laz 2010s 214x300


Late 2010s: It takes years of practice to perfect an effortless look. Lazaros wearing a black tie outfit for his birthday party.