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A Gentleman’s Shopping List for Meaningful Christmas Presents

Santa made his list and checked it twice…but that was months ago. The rest of us are now officially in panic mode because Christmas is all around us and we haven’t even figured out who needs to be on our list. By the time we get this sorted, we will have about 3 minutes left to find the right present, order it in (because, honestly, nobody has the mental composure to go shopping during the Christmas rush) and wrap it.

Fear not because we may not have had time to buy presents but we have come up with amazing ideas that cover everything: from your secret Santa to your secret crush and from the friend who has everything to the dad who doesn’t like anything.

Best Christmas gift ideas for men

1. Feed the soul
Books are the most common Christmas present in Iceland and, in fact, there is a special word in Icelandic for the “Christmas book flood”, i.e. the surge in new book publications around Yuletide. Happy Jólabókaflóð everyone! Books are always a great idea and there really is something for everyone. From the latest whodunnit to rare first editions, give someone the gift of a cosy night in and, if you’re eco-conscious, there is always the option to go digital!

2. Time, precious time
Most of us have more things than we need. What we don’t have is time to spend with the people that matter. So perhaps the most precious present is to remind someone to take a pause and create memories. Pick something they want to do, and this is tricky because you may be tempted to go for experiences that would appeal to you, and arrange it for them. The restaurant they always wanted to try, the weekend away they’ve been meaning to schedule or the hiking adventure that’s been on their mind. It can be something you share with them or not but, trust us, they will appreciate it.

3. The little details
Being a fashion brand, we can’t help but come up with all sorts of suggestions for fashionable presents! Accessories always make a brilliant gift that is bound to come in handy at some point. After all no one ever has enough ties, bow ties, watches, cufflinks, socks or gloves for all the different occasions that might come up. Obviously, these items come in a range of prices and it’s up to you to decide how much you are willing to spend but, with a bit of research, you are bound to discover small brands that make unique, quirky pieces at reasonable prices.

4. Especially for you
Personalised gifts are a great way to show that you’ve put some thought and time into the present. Our very own Aristocracy London GOLD collection suits come with a free personalisation service which means that, at the point of order, you can select an ordinal number between 1-100 and, provided it is still available, we will embroider it free of charge in the inside pocket along with a monogram of up to 8 characters. The options are endless but, in the last year alone, we have embroidered among other things: a son’s name along with their age for their first three piece suit, a husband’s name along with an anniversary date and a dad’s nickname along with the number of his grandchildren!

5. The true meaning of Christmas
This year you may decide to forgo gifts altogether. In most cases, this will have to be decided with the rest of your family and close friends because, otherwise, you may find yourself in the awkward position of receiving presents but having nothing to give back. If everyone is up for it though, how about donating the money to charity instead? Choose a charity that the recipient is really passionate about and truly make a difference to someone’s life or the planet. Besides, you’ll be starting the New Year with some really good karma.

Now that we’ve helped you sort out your Christmas list, have you thought about what you’ll wear to the office Christmas party? Or that long-anticipated Christmas dinner? Browse our collection and benefit from My Rewards, our loyalty scheme which gives you access to exclusive offers and discounts.