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9 Etiquette Tips for Hosting a Memorable House Party

Everyone loves a housewarming party. Everyone except the actual hosts who often find the experience of planning and preparing stressful. To be fair, there’s only so much one can do and, inevitably, some guests will drink too much, argue or assume they’re welcome to come late and stay until dawn. Despite the required effort, a gentleman knows the importance of entertaining at home and will work on the necessary skills to succeed.

To help you, we’ve put together the top etiquette tips for hosting so you can have as much fun as your guests!

How to be the perfect party host

1. Map your battleground
How many people can you fit in your house so it looks full but not crowded? If you decide to move furniture for a makeshift dance floor, don’t forget to leave some chairs for guests to rest their feet. Finally, think about décor: fairy lights, candles etc.

2. Respect thy neighbour
Any large gathering will probably generate some noise so spare a thought for your neighbours. A polite note, a box of chocolates or even an invitation, if you think they’ll fit in, will be appreciated.

3. Draw a guest list
Guests make or break a party and a lot depends on numbers. If you plan to have a few people over, stick to guests that are bound to get on well. For larger parties, where people will break into smaller groups, you can be creative and mix things up.

4. Cordially invited
Send invites at least two weeks in advance and set the tone of the event, e.g. dress code, seated dinner or relaxed drinks etc. Invite a few more people than the actual number of guests you’re hoping for, as some will inevitably decline or not turn up.

5. Plus ones
If you’re aware that a guest is in a relationship, extend an invitation to their partner even if you don’t know them personally. If guests ask whether they can bring a plus one, it’s entirely at your discretion to accept but it’s perhaps wise to at least accommodate the guests that won’t know anyone else.

6. Prepare in advance
Plan ahead so you’re calm and ready when your guests arrive. The playlist is one thing you can tick off early as well as the shopping list, which should allow for dietary requirements to avoid panic-googling “vegan finger food” on the day. Don’t leave cleaning and cooking to the last minute and stick to recipes you know.

7. Dress up
Your guests will make an effort to look their best and so should you. Check out our lounge suits for inspiration or opt for a more relaxed look with a dress shirt and trousers.

8. Work the stage
Welcome your guests at the door, offer them a drink and introduce them. Some may not know anyone else and our blog on the etiquette of introductions will help you to get people talking. Mingle, interrupt heated debates and refill glasses and bowls. Command the room but don’t try to be the centre of attention.

9. Bid farewell
At the end of the evening, show your guests to the door and thank them for coming. If they look tipsy or if they’re heading back alone, suggest calling a taxi. Don’t offer to return any unconsumed drinks or food they brought along but do return their tupperware.

Your guests will be taking their cue from you. If you seem to be enjoying yourself, they’ll also relax. If you’re buried in the kitchen or fretting over dirty ashtrays, they’ll feel responsible for your misery. After all, it’s all about the company and no one expects 5-star luxury or cooking skills worthy of a Michelin star.

Now that you know all the etiquette tips on how to host an amazing house party, start thinking about your outfit!