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7 Survival Tips for When you Take your Suit on Trips

Everyone can wear a suit to a special occasion. True gentlemen, though, don’t wait for special occasions to make their mark. Their effortless style and elegance comes across in every circumstance, including vacations. Whether it’s a weekend away or a fortnight of exploration, by plane, train or indeed any other means of transportation, a suit must always be included in your packing essentials. After all, in most countries and settings there will be venues where flip-flops and informal attire are simply unacceptable.
This blog will help you decide which suit to pack and how, to make sure you are always dressed for the occasion.

The ultimate checklist for hassle-free travel with a suit

1. Pick the right suit
This will largely be determined by the climate of your destination but it’s also worth noting that some fabrics travel better than others. If cold, wool is better at recovering from wrinkles. If warm, opt for linen where some wrinkling is acceptable.

2. Board as you mean to continue
If the trip is short, travel in your suit and formal shoes. You will save packing space, indicate that you respect travel etiquette and you won’t have to worry about them getting squashed or stained in the suitcase.

3. Use a garment bag
If your baggage allowance permits, carry your suit in a garment bag. The complimentary one, which we include with every Aristocracy London order, is made from quality waterproof material which keeps water and dirt away while letting the suit breathe.

4. Go hard shell
Nowadays, most people travel with a carry-on suitcase. So, if you are only taking one piece of luggage, choose hard shell. The inflexible exterior will protect your suit and shoes and is less likely to absorb water.

5. The art of packing
Many people avoid packing a suit because they think folding it is impossibly difficult. It isn’t and we have created a clever step-by-step guide, with videos, showing you exactly how to fold and pack a 3 piece suit. And yes, it will fit in your carry-on, along with everything else.

6. Unpack and hang
As soon as you arrive at your destination unpack the suit and hang it. Every Aristocracy London order comes with a brilliant hanger, its broad-shouldered structure will help your suit spring back into shape and the lockable trouser grip will make sure your trousers stay put.

7. Keep it fresh
To keep your suit looking and smelling as good as new, avoid dry cleaning at your destination, use a portable steamer and let it dry before putting it away. For a fresh scent, use a mild wardrobe freshener and don’t spray perfume directly on the fabric. For more tips on how to keep your suit fresh, read our expert advice in this blog.

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