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11 Unspoken Suit Rules for the Modern Gentleman

Is there a “correct way” to wear a suit? Well, there are definitely some rules that connoisseurs stick to. Judging by the number of stitched vents and buttoned up jackets we see all around us, it’s time for a quick beginner course on suit rules and below we’ve gathered all the top tips you need to know.

How to wear your suit like a pro

1. Fit is king
A suit should fit well. Otherwise, it’ll look cheap no matter how much you paid for it. Check our blog How Should A Suit Fit for the complete checklist and always start with the shoulders: The seam should be right where your shoulder meets your arm.

2. Cuffs
This is another point that separates the expert from the novice. When you’re standing with your arms relaxed by your side, about ½ inch of your shirt’s cuffs should remain visible below the jacket’s sleeves.

3. Unstitch
Vents and functional pockets should be unstitched when you take your new suit home. Similarly, the tiny embroidered label that most brands, including Aristocracy London, attach to the jacket’s left sleeve should be removed.

4. Law of buttons
The bottom button of your jacket and waistcoat should always be left undone and you should unbutton your jacket completely when you sit down.

5. Tied up
Your tie should be darker than your shirt and its width should match the width of your jacket lapels, i.e. slim lapels call for a slim tie.

6. Combos
If your tie is a solid (single) colour, then the pocket square can be the exact same colour. If your tie is patterned, then your pocket square’s colour should match the secondary colours from your tie’s palette. You may also want to check out our helpful blog on How To Fold Your Pocket Square.

7. How big is your knot
There are many different tie knots to choose from but make sure you always take into account the size of your head and the shape of your face. E.g. if you have a round face, you may want to avoid very large knots such as the Windsor.

8. Touch and go
When you adjust your tie, there are two rules to bear in mind: the knot should cover the entire space between the tips of your collar and the tie should end at the waistband, barely touching it.

9. Belt or no belt
A belt is merely an accessory. If you feel you need one to hold the trousers up, then your trousers are the wrong size. If you do choose to wear a belt, it should match the colour of your shoes and all your other leather accessories, i.e. bag, wallet and watch strap.

10. Leg day
Suits should be worn with thin long socks. Your socks should be long enough to cover your legs even when you’re sitting down.

11. Sweat for it
Wonder why some people never seem bothered in a suit, even when it’s ridiculously hot? Well, they still sweat but they hide it with a little help from undershirts or jackets with underarm shields, like the ones that our suits come with.

See? There’s very little magic involved in wearing a suit. It’s just a case of mastering a few basic rules and exploring what works well for your body type and personal style. And now that you’re more confident in your sartorial skills, why not give yourself the gift of one of our fabulous men’s suits?