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11 Party Etiquette Tips to Make you the Perfect Guest

Organising any type of gathering, be it a casual mingling of friends or a formal dinner party, is stressful. If you’ve already read our blog on the etiquette of party hosting, you know that your hosts will have invested time and energy in making everything as welcoming as possible and they will be keeping a watchful eye over guests throughout the evening to ensure everyone is having fun. This is why it is important that, as a guest, you contribute to making the party a success and your hosts’ life easier.

So, here are a few simple party etiquette tips that will make you a desirable addition to any future guest list.

The impeccable manners that every party guest must display

A considerate person will always respond to invitations within a few days of receiving them in order to allow the host to plan ahead. It is completely unacceptable to ask who else in invited before accepting, unless there is a serious concern which the host might be unaware of.

2. Grand entrance
If you have been invited to a seated dinner, you must arrive on time. In all other cases, you can be fashionably late but anything over 30’ is rude. One thing you should absolutely avoid is arriving early, unless you are very close to the host and have been asked to help.

3. Appearances matter
Although no one expects a sartorial wonder if you are just going over to your mate’s to watch football, you should make an effort if you are invited to a proper party. Our collection of 3 piece suits combines fit, comfort and quite a few cool design features for an evening out.

4. Extra baggage
Asking if you can bring someone else with you is always tricky because it’s very difficult for the host to say no. Therefore, you should only do so if you are close to the host and there’s a genuinely good reason, e.g. a blossoming relationship you want to introduce to your friends or a guest visiting from out of town.

5. Host gifts
One should not show up empty handed, especially when a meal is involved. Wine and chocolates are always welcome, along with flowers provided the host has enough vases to keep them alive. Never bring food without asking though because the host may have a specific menu in mind and it implies you don’t trust their culinary skills.

6. Don’t be difficult
The traits of an undesirable guest are fairly obvious and therefore easy to avoid. Don’t drink too much or wipe out the buffet, don’t start arguing with other guests or your spouse and don’t ambush the host with dietary requirements. If you have a genuine medical condition, notify them in advance and offer to bring your own food.

7. Give a helping hand
Offer to help the host but do not take over from them. Besides, help can be all sorts of little things, e.g. keeping lonely guests entertained, taking part in any proposed activities and following the host’s instructions on seating arrangements.

8. Don’t strike a pose
As in all gatherings, it is preferable to keep your phone out of sight and all our suit jackets come with a handy inside pocket to tuck it away. When it comes to social media, take your lead from the host: if they are not sharing snaps on Instagram, then neither should you.

9. Red wine stains
Although it rarely happens, and even if it does the experienced host will be chilled, you should offer to rectify or pay for any damage or spill you cause.

10. Time to go
Again this largely depends on how well you know the hosts but if the party is dying out don’t stay around to read it its last rites. Very close friends can stay after everyone else has left to help tidy up or have a quieter chat.

11. Thank the host
Etiquette dictates that the host should be thanked twice. Once on your way out and then again the following day via call, text or email. In formal occasions, it is still customary to follow up with a handwritten note.

Etiquette is not a set of stringent rules that one follows with military precision to the point that it becomes impossible to have any fun. It’s just a set of behaviours that are not only polite but also common sense so once you adopt them they will come naturally. People who are courteous are well liked and their social skills make them desirable in any circle so you will definitely get a lot of invitations and opportunities to practice! And now, for a wardrobe that matches your attitude, browse our collection of men’s suits and pick your next head-turning party outfit.