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10 Smart Tips to Keep your Suit Fresh

Suits are the most expensive items in your wardrobe and quite rightly so since they require expert craftsmanship. This is particularly true for our collection of men’s suits, which boasts limited edition designs, elegant tailoring and fine materials.

Like all investments, your suits need care and attention. In this blog, we share everything you need to know to keep your suits looking brand new and smelling fresh for longer.

Suit care tips

1. Hang it immediately
Use a broad-shouldered hanger, which will help the suit drape naturally. If you’re not sure which hanger is best, look no further than the complimentary one we include with every Aristocracy London order.

2. Remove excess weight
It’s always a bad idea to load pockets because, apart from the unsightly lumps, you risk damaging the lining. Once you hang your suit, remove the belt and pocket contents to give the fabric a respite.

3. Use a suit brush
Unlike lint rollers, a suit brush can reach between fibres and remove dirt and food crumbs. Brush in delicate downward strokes for a minute or so, to improve both the look and smell of your suit.

4. Steam your way out of wrinkles
Ironing at home can leave your suit with shiny marks and regular pressing at the dry cleaner’s can be inconvenient and expensive. Invest in a steamer and use it after brushing your suit. When travelling, try hanging your suit in the bathroom while you shower for a quick fix.

5. Let it breathe
After hanging, brushing and steaming, leave your suit out to breathe for a few hours, maybe even a day. This will allow the fibres to rest, regain their shape and dry.

6. Cover it up
Cover your suit in a garment bag before putting it away. At Aristocracy London we know the importance of this accessory, which is why we include a luxury suit bag free with every suit order. It’s made of breathable material, which lets air in while keeping dust and raindrops out.

7. Store it in the wardrobe
Drawers, suitcases and chairs are no place to keep your suits. Once inside the garment bag, hang your suit in the wardrobe allowing enough space on either side for it to breathe and avoid wrinkling.

8. Keep it smelling fresh
Aristocracy London jackets come with underarm protection to prevent unpleasant odours. For a light fragrance, use wardrobe fresheners but avoid spraying any perfume or diluted essential oils directly on the fabric to prevent discolouration and damage.

9. Avoid regular dry cleaning
Quality suits aren’t machine washable. On the other hand, regular dry cleaning can cause irreparable damage. Following the tips in this blog will reduce visits to the dry cleaner’s but they’ll still be required occasionally.

10. Rotate your suits
Suits, like humans, need a break. Avoid wearing the same suit on two consecutive days and rotate, as much as possible, to increase the longevity of these precious garments. Maybe it’s time to add a few new suits to your wardrobe!

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